Online Storefront > Brick and Mortar

In today’s age, people often don’t go out to the store anymore to buy much of their supplies, new clothes and shoes, and even groceries as of late. Online shopping has begun to dominate markets to the point that brick and mortar stores aren’t nearly as profitable as online stores. It’s a strange time to be alive, one where you can make more money running a business from the comfort of your home than in a storefront on a regularly busy street.

But I’m not sure businesses can be blamed for this change. Businesses merely adapt to what consumers prefer, and consumers far prefer shopping from their computer than they do getting out and about in their vehicle and browsing store shelves.

Is it really any surprise to people that this is what the trend of the times is, though? When you have major convenience and ease of shopping from home, why would it be any different?

For example, I save a lot of money not driving to a store that may be 30 minutes away from me. Instead, I can look on a website, decide what I want, hit “buy”, and it’ll be shipped in shipping boxes to my house within the week. Sure, I don’t get to have my product right away, but guess what? I didn’t have to spend a single dime on gas or whatever else may catch my eye when I’m at the store.

Just as well, I get to save a lot of time, too. Instead of using up an hour of my time driving to that 30-minutes away store and then back again (not even including the time spent browsing their shelves or walking around their store), I’m only using about 5 to 10 minutes of my own time online sifting through different products.

I think that’s absolutely the most convenient part of it all, honestly. It’s not just money saved in gas going somewhere. It’s time that’s saved, something that everyone wants more of and no one has enough of. Think about every excuse someone could make. “There’s not enough time” dominates that list. While people in fact do have enough time, it’s the fact that it’s better used elsewhere.

So, it really shouldn’t be a shock to consumers that going online and adapting to the ways of the world is the preferred method for most new businesses. It’s convenient. It’s easy. It’s cheaper. It’s time saving. And everything you order is delivered to your front doorstep in some nicely branded shipping boxes.


Some Simple Tips and Tricks for Effective Shipping

If you have been looking for quick tips on how best to ship your products, then look no more.  Before I start compiling a list, though, I need to point out that, although most customers aren’t going to notice if you are doing a great job with packaging and shipping, they are definitely going to notice if you are doing poorly.


So as you approach the task of shipping your product, approach it with the right attitude, which really will help in yielding the best results.

  • As soon as a customer makes an order, start filling up those shipping boxes! Ideally, the last portion of your day should be spent packaging your orders and preparing for them to be sent out the following morning.  People become severely disgruntled if it takes too long for their item to arrive, and they aren’t going to continue giving you their business.  You really need to make the effort to figure out an effective system, and this includes an organized station of all your shipping boxes, packaging tape, and other supplies.
  • At this point, free shipping is the way to go. Customers are going to be more than happy to continue shopping from you if they get free shipping.  It’s not going to gouge your business like you might think it will.  AT the very least, don’t purpose to make a profit on your shipping fees.  Anyone can smell this from a mile away, and it doesn’t leave people feeling impressed, to put it mildly.
  • Be prepared for shipping your product. Have all of your shipping boxes and other shipping supplies on hand, so that you never have to wait to send out an item simply because you ran out of packaging materials.  That is simply not acceptable.  Have your carrier selected and a rate negotiated.  In short, you should not be figuring out how to ship something when it’s actually time to ship something.


  • Proper packaging is tantamount to shipping success. You want your product in excellent condition, and you also want to provide your customer with a fun and unique unwrapping experience.  It’s things like this that keep people coming back.
  • Use your resources. There are so many amazing and effective shipping tools out there, from free blog posts written by successful ecommerce business owners, to all manner of software and tools.
  • Nowadays, shipping is just plain simple. You can calculate our postage for free on the internet, and even print out the postage right from the internet.  There’s no excuses for doing it badly!