Some Simple Tips and Tricks for Effective Shipping

If you have been looking for quick tips on how best to ship your products, then look no more.  Before I start compiling a list, though, I need to point out that, although most customers aren’t going to notice if you are doing a great job with packaging and shipping, they are definitely going to notice if you are doing poorly.


So as you approach the task of shipping your product, approach it with the right attitude, which really will help in yielding the best results.

  • As soon as a customer makes an order, start filling up those shipping boxes! Ideally, the last portion of your day should be spent packaging your orders and preparing for them to be sent out the following morning.  People become severely disgruntled if it takes too long for their item to arrive, and they aren’t going to continue giving you their business.  You really need to make the effort to figure out an effective system, and this includes an organized station of all your shipping boxes, packaging tape, and other supplies.
  • At this point, free shipping is the way to go. Customers are going to be more than happy to continue shopping from you if they get free shipping.  It’s not going to gouge your business like you might think it will.  AT the very least, don’t purpose to make a profit on your shipping fees.  Anyone can smell this from a mile away, and it doesn’t leave people feeling impressed, to put it mildly.
  • Be prepared for shipping your product. Have all of your shipping boxes and other shipping supplies on hand, so that you never have to wait to send out an item simply because you ran out of packaging materials.  That is simply not acceptable.  Have your carrier selected and a rate negotiated.  In short, you should not be figuring out how to ship something when it’s actually time to ship something.


  • Proper packaging is tantamount to shipping success. You want your product in excellent condition, and you also want to provide your customer with a fun and unique unwrapping experience.  It’s things like this that keep people coming back.
  • Use your resources. There are so many amazing and effective shipping tools out there, from free blog posts written by successful ecommerce business owners, to all manner of software and tools.
  • Nowadays, shipping is just plain simple. You can calculate our postage for free on the internet, and even print out the postage right from the internet.  There’s no excuses for doing it badly!

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